Modern agriculture in the U.S. contributes nearly $1 trillion to the national economy – more than 13 percent of the GDP – and employs 17 percent of the U.S. labor force. Additional economic facts that may surprise you:

  • There are more than 2 million farms in America; 90 percent are owned and operated by individuals or families. (U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Thanks to the efficiencies that growers and food workers have implemented, the agricultural sector, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), generated over $297 billion in sales revenue (2 percent of GDP) in 2007.
  • Increased agricultural production created an additional 1,040,661 jobs generating more than $33 billion in wages.
  • Crop protection products provide a 47.92 percent savings in overall grocery bills for a family of four in the U.S.
  • CropLife America members companies invest approximately $250 million for each crop protection product brought to market.
  • Crop protection products decrease the need for tillage operations, thereby reducing fossil fuel use by 558 million gallons per year.
  • Approximately 36 percent of the total value of field crop production is made possible with the use of crop protection products with almost half of states earning over $1 billion each in crop values. 
  • For additional details, click here to download The Contribution of Crop Protection Products to the United States Economy, a publication of CropLife America.

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