CropLife StewardshipFirst is a voluntary crop protection industry program focused on the responsible management of their products. Responsible use of crop protection materials allows for maximum efficiency with minimal risk to public and environmental health.

What kind of difference are we making?

Who We Are

CropLife StewardshipFirst is a program of the CropLife Foundation, which was created to promote and advance sustainable agriculture and the environmentally sound use of crop protection products. Our hope is that through science-based discovery, we will help global agriculture economically produce safe, high quality, abundant food, fiber, and other crops, thus ensuring food security and alleviating poverty, suffering, and hardship.

What We Do

CropLife StewardshipFirst participants must annually renew their pledge to support the program’s Guiding Principles. This pledge is reflected, on a daily basis, through an organization’s adoption of best stewardship practices for their operations. Click here for a list of 2014 CropLife StewardshipFirst program participants.

Compliance in 2014 and 2015, the first two years of the CropLife StewardshipFirst program, is achieved by a participating company senior officer’s statement of responsible stewardship practices.

Program compliance will be assessed based on evaluations of company stewardship practices in three areas:

1. Responsible Use Education;
2. Warehouse Accreditation; and
3. Container Management.

The CropLife StewardshipFirst program recognizes both internal and external stewardship efforts. Because a variety of different types of companies participate in the CropLife StewardshipFirst Program, Compliance Evaluations are based on support of the Guiding Principles in business-specific practices.

Compliance results for the first CropLife StewardshipFirst participation year, 2014, will be made available on this website in the first quarter of 2015.

As CropLife StewardshipFirst is new, the program will be expanded and refined going forward, with a more formal program evaluation anticipated for calendar year 2016.

Guiding Principles

CropLife StewardshipFirst participants pledge to subscribe to the following six Guiding Principles.

Optimize the use of natural resources for public good.

Work to continually improve and modernize stewardship practices.

Use the best available science as a basis for decision making.

Reinforce proper use and disposal information for crop protection materials.

Participate actively in crop protection industry stewardship efforts.

Provide education for regulators and key stakeholders on the voluntary industry stewardship efforts.

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