As the world population continues to rise, so does the demand for food and fiber. Crop protection products play a vital role in controlling the pests, weeds, and diseases that threaten our global food supply.

What kind of difference are we making?


Highly regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a new crop protection product takes on average nine years and between $150-256 MILLION to reach the market. Approved products – one out of 139,000 concepts make it to the farmer’s field – require licensure for purchase, and provide very specific usage and disposal guidance.

Thanks to these products, farmers are able to maximize efficient use of the land, providing for the needs of a growing world while preserving natural resources for future generations. Generally speaking, crop protection products help farmers resist the potentially devastating impact of several environmental influences.

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American farmers and ranchers provide healthy, plentiful, nutritious food to the world. Thanks to advances in areas as diverse as crop protection products, equipment technology, and stewardship initiatives, crop yields have improved dramatically in recent decades.

Here we present a brief look at how science and technology are helping farmers and ranchers who are safely and effectively answering a growing need.


CropLife StewardshipFirst is a full lifecycle approach to product management. It is an ethical way to manage crop protection products, from their inception, research and development, use, and ultimately to the regulated disposal of any waste or discontinued products and their containers. The goal of CropLife StewardshipFirst is to maximize the benefits and minimize potential risks from using crop protection products.

An overview of the crop protection industry’s lifecycle efforts can be found below.

Lifecycle Efforts

The industry has a long history of dedication to stewardship, implementing crop protection stewardship programs over the last 20 years around the world. These programs continually evolve and form a core element of each company and association’s respective business strategy.

For details on specific stewardship programs, please visit the following resources related to:


The crop protection industry works in partnership with a wide range of local, regional, national, and international organizations to maximize efficiencies and impacts.

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