Pass the Chile Pepper!

Case Study

Pass the Chile Pepper!

Leonard Gianessi and Ashley Williams -

Did you know that chiles accounted for more than $400 million in economic activity in 2011 in New Mexico alone? Or that 90 percent of U.S. chiles are produced there, in eastern Arizona and in western Texas? All true!

Maintaining that market share, especially given foreign competition, requires cost effective methods that allow for maximum production and minimum loss. Studies have shown that uncontrolled weeds can reduce chile yields by up to 76 percent! Herbicides allow for crops to be protected from weeds in a safe and cost-effective manner, providing similar end-results without the additional 42-79 hours of man-power required for hand weeding.

What does it mean for you? Safe, bountiful, cost-competitive, U.S.-grown chiles for your family feast! Read more by visiting the CropLife Foundation Case Study #20 found here.

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