Faces of Farming & Ranching: Katie Pratt

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Faces of Farming & Ranching: Katie Pratt


What does the farmer or rancher of today look like?

If you think you know the answer, you may be surprised to meet Katie Pratt, a modern wife and mother, and proud seventh generation farmer!

Like the generations before her, Katie and her husband Andy are committed to growing the best possible crops while ensuring a bountiful future for their kids. While they embrace technology that allows them to know exactly what’s happening on every square foot of their land, they also incorporate the high standards and hands-on methods of their ancestors. The question always on their mind is, “How can we farm better?”

From hosting student and industry groups on the farm, to blogging, to engaging with urban classrooms, Katie is helping put a face to the process and the products, and altering more than a few stereotypes along the way.

Hear about Katie’s story in her own words in video, on Twitter and on her blog.

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